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Mario Builder is a video game inspired by the Mario Bros. saga where, in addition to running and jumping through two-dimensional levels in an effort to rescue the Princess, you can build your own levels to play and share.

It gives you a simple level and campaign editor that makes it possible to create an infinite amount of levels. In all, you'll have more than 100 enemies to use anywhere you like, as well as a staggering 1,000 tiles to create and decorate each level.

It's even possible to create the world map of your Super Mario game, as well as the title screen. Best of all, all of these options - which can seem a little overwhelming - are located in a simple, easy-to-use interface that you'll learn to control in a matter of minutes.

If it all just seems like too much, check out the sample levels that come with the download. You can explore them to get an idea of where to start with Mario Builder. It's basically a complete game with various Super Mario levels that's sure to entertain you.

Mario Builder is an authentic game creator that contains infinite possibilities. You can create hundreds of levels and share them with your friends... or download levels made by other users and play them right on your computer.